Join A Class, Join A Community

Austin Improv Collective Thanksgiving Potluck 2012

There’s an inadvertent side effect to taking an improv class and that is that you’re now a member of the improv community.  Whether you like it or not. And this community is world wide and vast. Mentioning the word improv to another improviser is like giving a secret word to an exclusive club that’s the most inviting, friendly, caring club you’ll ever come across. Exclusive and inviting are two words that shouldn’t describe the same thing but in this instance it does. The exclusivity comes from the fact that until you’ve taken a class you won’t understand. But the moment you set foot outside the improv classroom/theater after your first class you understand and we welcome you.

UThese people who you play with become your friends, your family.  They’re there whenever you need someone: to help you move, to bring you soup when you’re sick, to give the biggest hugs when nothing feels quite right.  And, for me, when I had the hardest year of my life and was financially strapped they were there, raising money for me.  And for that I will forever be thankful.  So take a class, join our community.  We can honestly say, the more the merrier.

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About Chelley Pyatt

Chelley has been doing improv since November of 2008. She has learned a lot and is planning to learn a lot more. Chelley is a current Merlin Works Improv Singing 301 student and blogger

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