Master Improvised Storytelling.

Collect the training and tools to perform longform unscripted comedic plays, movies and stories.

At the end of these three classes, you’ll perform a show in the genre of your choosing with your classmates at our theater.

Other Details

  • Each class meets for eight two-hour sessions at the ZACH Theater
  • Classes have between 8-14 students
  • Each class is taught by a veteran improvisor/instructor
  • Early bird registration saves you $25
  • Some students get performance opportunities in monthly improv shows at ZACH

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Improv 401: Scenework for Narrative Longform

This workshop gets to the heart of improv for storytellers by exploring scene work for narrative long-form. We explore deep Yes And, the power of repetition, physical storytelling, organic acting, scene start initiations, establishing a hero, raising the stakes and basic story structure. Scene work is both a microcosm and a building block of improvised comedic stories. (8 meetings. Class size limit = 14)

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Improv 501: Stitching Scenes Into Stories

Inspired by the mythic hero’s journey, we begin to put together scenes to create longer, more complicated stories focused around a central character. Each week we learn different techniques for initiating the next scene in the story such as establishing secondary characters, edits and wipes, exploring environment, emotional journeys, pursuing objectives and shaping the show. (8 meetings. Class Size Limit = 12)

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Improv 601: Perform a Narrative Longform Show

This workshop we will prepare the ensemble for a long-form narrative show in our Second Sunday Improv at ZACH show. We will explore format, genre, and styles–combining strong scene work and narrative structure to create unscripted plays with multiple storylines and arcs. This workshop will come full circle as we take time to return to the roots of improvisation to inspire spontaneous ensemble play. (Improv 601 Special: 8 classes and 1 show. Class Size Limit = 12)

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