Free Intro to Improv & Improv Singing

Want to test the water before you decide to take the plunge? At this free class you’ll get a sample of our style as we play fun, fast paced games and make up songs with a live musical improviser. It’s like karaoke, but you make up your own words! This class is for those who want to learn how to think faster on their feet, be more spontaneous and in the moment, reconnect with their creativity, be more confident speaking in public and just have more fun! You also don’t need to be a great singer, you just need to enjoy singing.

Free Intro to Improv & Improv Singing | Thursday September 17th | 7:30 – 10pm | with Shana Merlin & Ammon Taylor


Improv Mixer (Free!)

Merlin Works hosts monthly improv mixers fourth Sundays 3pm – 5pm at The ZACH. The Mixer is  a free, facilitated improv comedy jam intended to introduce the joy of improv to new people and help existing improvisers make new connections.

The Mixer is open to the entire community: total newbies, current students, free agents, existing troupes looking for new members, coaches, or anyone who wants a free workout. At the beginning, any scouts and coaches will let the group know what they are looking for. Then an instructor will lead an improv warmup where everyone will get to know each other and get comfortable. Then we will be divided into groups for open scenework. It’s free, it’s fun, and you just might find the people to for your next show, troupe or dinner party.


LOCATION: The Kleberg Stage at ZACH

1421 West Riverside Drive (at the corner of S. Lamar Blvd.)

Fourth Sundays 3pm-5pm

  • Sunday October  25th


Parking info: Metered parking at The ZACH Theater, 1421 W. Riverside Dr. or 1510 Toomey Road


The Merlin Works Improv Mixer is sponsored by The ZACH Theatre.

Free Open Warmup Jam

Join the cast of our Second Sunday Improv Show in fun warm up improv games. An instructor leads group and paired activities to give you a taste of the improv spirit and to get the players ready for the show. All skill and experience levels welcome. After 45 minutes of games, head to the lobby for refreshments, get your tickets, and stick around to watch the show.

Second Sundays at 5:30pm in ZACH’s Kleberg Stage (unless otherwise noted)

2015 Jam Dates:

  • Sunday October 11th: Improv 601 Graduation show & Free Improv Jam Night!
  • Sunday November 8th: Free Improv Jam Night!
  • Sunday November 22nd: Graduation show & Free Improv Jam Night!