Master Improvised Storytelling.

Collect the training and tools to perform longform unscripted comedic plays, movies and stories.

At the end of these three classes, you’ll perform a show in the genre of your choosing with your classmates at our theater.

Other Details

  • Each class meets for eight two-hour sessions via Zoom
  • Classes have between 7-12 students
  • Each class is taught by a veteran improvisor/instructor
  • Early bird registration saves you $50
  • Some students get performance opportunities in monthly improv shows at ZACH

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Online Improv 401: Intro to Narrative Improv

Turn your short-form skills into long-form wizardry! In our new class, Intro to Narrative Improv, you’ll work with Monica Martinez-Maher to understand the principles of narrative improv and how you can turn a short-form improv scene into the opening of a narrative play. At least three class levels of improv experience are required. (8 meetings. Class size limit = 14)
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Online Narrative Improv Performance

In this class, you use your narrative improv skills to create an improvised play that tells a story from beginning to end. Each week you’ll learn different techniques for turning short-form improv work into a compelling narrative. This class culminates in a graduation performance at Merlin Works Second Sunday, where you’ll earn the coveted Merlin Works wand!! (8 meetings. Class Size Limit = 12)
Coming Soon!