beginner improv class

Learn the basics of improv.

Have fun and meet new friends while playing improv games in a relaxed and safe environment.

Over the first three levels, you’ll learn the skills and confidence for your big Improv 301 Graduation Show.

  • Each class meets for eight two-hour sessions via Zoom
  • Classes have between 7-12 students
  • Each class is taught by a veteran improvisor/instructor
  • Early bird registration saves you $50
  • Some students get performance opportunities in monthly improv shows at ZACH

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Online Improv 101: The Spirit of Play

Learn the fundamentals of improvisation while social distancing. The class’s interactive exercises build listening and communication skills, heighten awareness and teach you how to be more playful, spontaneous and flexible. Play short form improv games from the comfort of your home .
(8 meetings. Class size limit = 12)
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Online Improv 201: Improv Toolbelt

Learn scene work fundamentals such as sharing the stage, characters, body language, scene starts, mime work, comedy, listening, acting, and stage skills. Fill up your Improv Toolbelt, so you are ready to perform anytime, anywhere. We explore fuller scenes and comedy show games while having fun and celebrating risk-taking.
(8 meetings. Class size limit = 12)

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Online Improv 301: Improv Comedy for Performance

Learn about different kinds of short-form improv comedy games using verbal restrictions, emotional changes, jump and justify, physicality, audience interaction, monologues, and film and TV styles. By the end of the workshop, you will be ready for your Improv 301 Graduation Show: a public performance in front of a paying audience.
(8 meetings. Class size limit = 12)

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