Yearly Archives: 2007

Philadelphia Improv Festival

I went to Philadelphia with my improv troupe, Get Up, with Shannon and Sara, and my husband, Jon. Here we are at a restaurant in the Cincinnati Airport and we are already so excited. Wednesday…


Improv Family Photos

Here is my Level 2 Improv Class Goofing around with some “Family Photos” The Shy Family The Cheerleader FamilyThe Superhero Family I can’t remember what this family was, but I like the photo.

Backpack Picnic

This Sunday was a crazy day. AIC meeting, GGG rehearsal, Advanced Scene Study Graduation Show, and then an overnight shoot for Backpack Picnic. I was cast as a featured role in a scene that takes…


Plays Well With Shakespeare

I got to play with Les McGehee, Andy Crouch, Jodi Egerton and Robert Faires in an improvised Shakespeare-themed show in Richard Garriot’s Curtain Theatre, which is a scale replica of The Glob Theatre set on…


The World Welcomes Isaac Xin Merlin

My brother Louis and his wife Ki-Wing had their first baby, Isaac Xin Merlin, at 4:40PM Tuesday, October 23rd 2007. Isaac was born 7 pounds, 1.6 ounces and 19 inches long. I am a proud…