Yearly Archives: 2007

Hot Trend: Speech Coaches

I just read this interesting article in the New York Times about the rise in demand for speech coaches, particularly for people in sales or small business owners. Here’s a bit of the article. Even…

Get Up Drawing

This is a drawing created by Angelica Brenner a while back for Out of Bounds Improv Festival. I’ve just gotten around to scanning it in. I think it’s really great.


Whose Improv is it Anyway?

I’m in the middle of reading Whose Improv is it Anyway?: Beyond Second City by Amy Seham and I’m REALLY digging it. I wasn’t sure I would because the book mainly focuses on the history…

Plays Extremely Well With Others

I had a chance to catch up on my reading (and my Gilmore Girls) over the holidays and finished Les McGehee’s book Plays Well With Others, which is apparently the first in a trilogy. The…