Make Your Team More Fun To Work With.

In improv, we have to perform together without enough time, information or resources — and we love it!

You can too! We offer team building workshops that give your staff the communication, presentation, and leadership skills to do their best under pressure and enjoy it.

The Benefits

  • Innovation – Rapidly create new solutions & bring them to customers
  • Flexibility – Constantly modify systems for customer satisfaction
  • Awareness – See the opportunities your competitors miss
  • Engaging – Create productive meetings & remarkable sales presentations
  • Leveraging Failures – Acknowledge mistakes & turn them into success
  • Communication – Confident presentation skills whether in a meeting or one on one
  • Teamwork – Foster a positive corporate culture & improve employee retention
  • Persuasion – Reduce conflict and increase sales with efficient and effortless techniques

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The Products

  • Team Works – Team Building Program for Business
  • Persuasion Works – Sales, Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
  • Medicine Works – Effective Medical Communications CME
  • Meeting Works – Have Fewer, More Interactive and Productive Meetings (New!)
  • Feedback Works – Giving and Receiving Feedback for Growth (New!)
  • Keynote Address – Improv for Work and Life
  • Leadership Works – How to Lead with Commitment, Clarity, and Authenticity (New!)
  • Virtual Works – Fun, Interactive Session Online for Distance Teams (New!)
  • Comedy Works – A Private Comedy Performance
  • Networking Games – Build Your Relationships Through Structured Activities (New!)
  • Train the Trainer – Facilitation Training for Professionals
  • Custom Works – Group Training That Fits Your Needs