Make Your Team More Fun To Work With.

In improv, we perform together under pressure — and we enjoy it. Your team can too!

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Our playful, interactive workshops teach:

  • Team Work
  • Sales
  • Communication
  • Persuasion
  • Leadership
  • Custom Content And More…

The Benefits

  • Teamwork – Foster a positive corporate culture & improve employee retention
  • Flexibility – Let go of the past and adapt to the present for optimal performance
  • Awareness – See the opportunities your competitors miss
  • Persuasion – Reduce conflict and increase influence with efficient and effortless techniques
  • Engaging – Create productive meetings & remarkable sales conversations
  • Leveraging Failures – Acknowledge mistakes & turn them into success
  • Communication – Create confident connections whether in a meeting or one-on-one
  • Innovation – Rapidly create new solutions & bring them to customers

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The Products

  • Team Works – Team Building Program for Business
  • Persuasion Works – Influence, Motivation, Conflict Resolution and Difficult Conversations
  • Medicine Works – Effective Medical Communications CME
  • Sales Works – From Connecting to Closing
  • Meeting Works – Have Fewer, More Interactive and More Productive Meetings (New!)
  • Feedback Works – Giving and Receiving Feedback for Growth (New!)
  • Improv Works – Improv Skills for Work and Life
  • Leadership Works – How to Lead with Commitment, Clarity, and Authenticity (New!)
  • Virtual Works – Fun, Interactive Session Online for Distance Teams (New!)
  • Comedy Works – A Private Comedy Performance
  • Networking Works – Build Your Relationships Through Structured Activities (New!)
  • Train the Trainer – Facilitation Training for Professionals
  • Custom Works – Group Training That Fits Your Needs