Second Sundays at 7pm at the ZACH Kleberg Stage

Merlin Works Presents

Improv at ZACH

Second Sunday Comedy Showcase

Watch the improv all-stars of Austin, The Known Wizards, headline this improv comedy showcase with spontaneous scenes, hilarious games, surprisingly good songs, and fantastic stories all made up on the spot based on audience input. You say it, we play it–like magic!

Get your tickets now!

 Sunday, May 10th, 2015

Merlin Works Improv 601 presents “Let’s Fake a Movie”

& Improv 301 & Improv Singing 301 Graduation show

& Free Improv Jam Night!


5:30pm Free pre-show Improv Jam:

Join the cast of our Second Sunday Improv Show in fun warm up improv games. An instructor leads group and paired activities to give you a taste of the improv spirit and to get the players ready for the show. All skill and experience levels welcome. After 45 minutes of games, head to the lobby for refreshments, get your tickets, and stick around to watch the show.

7pm Show featuring:

  • Merlin Works Improv 301 graduating students
  • Merlin Works Improv 601 graduating class presents “Let’s Fake a Movie”: The Merlin Works 601 graduating class takes you behind the scenes in “Let’s Fake A Movie!” Based on a fictional movie title from the audience, the improvisers bring the imaginary production to life: pitch meetings, table reads, shooting, editing, and press promotions, all for a movie that none of us will ever actually see.
  • Merlin Works Improv Singing 301 graduating class
  • On ZACH’s 230-seat Kleberg Stage
  • Free parking on site at ZACH

Tickets $9. Buy your tickets now.

2015 Show Dates (all shows at 7pm at the Kleberg Stage, 1421 W. Riverside Dr., unless otherwise noted):

  • Sunday May 10th: Improv 301, 601 & Singing 301 Graduation show & Free Improv Jam Night!
  • Sunday June 14th: Free Improv Jam Night with special guest The Escorts! (at the Whisenhunt Stage, 1510 Toomey Road)
  • Sunday July 12th: Graduation show & Free Improv Jam Night!
  • Sunday August 9th 8pm: Free Improv Jam Night!
  • Sunday September 13th: Free Improv Jam Night!
  • Sunday October 11th: Graduation show & Free Improv Jam Night!
  • Sunday November 8th: Free Improv Jam Night!
  • Sunday November 22nd: Second SECOND Sunday end of year show!


  1. Paddy Tawada said:

    Hi, I’m planning to come film the 8 pm (as a backup to the main videographer). Let me know if you have any questions.

  2. Aerielle Anderson said:

    Do I need to rsvp if I just come to the comedy jam before the show?

    • Karina said:

      Hi Aerielle,

      If you only attend the pre-show jam, there is no need to rsvp.

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