Second Sundays at 8pm at the ZACH Kleberg Stage

Merlin Works Presents

Improv at ZACH

Second Sunday Comedy Showcase

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Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Improv 301, 601 graduation & Free Improv Jam Night


Improv 601 presents TRAPPED

Sometimes people can’t come together until the are stuck together. In “Trapped” the Merlin Works Improv 601 Graduates tell a story of people who are pulled together by forces beyond their control, as we jump forward and back through time to find out how they got there… and how exactly they get out.



Watch the improv all-stars of Austin, The Known Wizards, headline this improv comedy showcase with spontaneous scenes, hilarious games, surprisingly good songs, and fantastic stories all made up on the spot based on audience input. You say it, we play it–like magic!

6:30pm Free Improv Comedy Jam:

Come by the Kleberg Lobby for some drinks and snacks while the Merlin Works instructors lead guests through some fun, short-form warm up games before….

8pm Show featuring:

  • Merlin Works Improv 301 graduating students
  • Merlin Works Improv 601 graduating students present: Trapped
  • Merlin Works instructor troupe The Known Wizards
  • On ZACH’s 230-seat Kleberg Stage

Tickets $9. Buy your tickets now.

2014 Show Dates:

  • Sunday October 12th: Improv 301 & 601 Graduation show & Free Improv Jam Night
  • Sunday November 9th: Free Improv Jam Night
  • Sunday November 23rd: SPECIAL SECOND (SECOND) SUNDAY YEAR END SHOW! Free Improv Jam Night & special guest That Racket!

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