GGG in Tulsa, OK

We made friends with the great ladies of Super Ovum when they came to Austin last spring for LAFF: Ladies Are Funny Festival. They invited us up to Tulsa to perform with them at the Nightingale Theatre, along with another Austin troupe Parallelogramaphonagraph.

The drive up there was long, especially with traffic in Fort Worth on Friday at 5pm. It took about 10 hours. But we did get to stop at the Czech Stop in West, Texas, for some tasty kolaches.

We arrived at Katrina’s house late, but were welcomed with this message:

Katrina, our hostess

The next day started with a walk through their midtown neighborhood and an outdoor brunch at Toni’s house. We got to meet her adorable son and enjoy the temperate Tulsa weather. It was a great time of year to visit. Sunny, cool and breezy. And Toni put some tastey things on toast which I enjoyed.

April was speaking to the group about our options for the day. Visiting the Oklahoma State Fair got voted down. 🙁

Everybody seemed in a good mood.

Then we went downtown to a cute store called Lois and Cluck. They had local crafts, vintage stuff, japanese toys, and some great T-shirts. These were my favorites:

Everywhere we went in town, we saw our posters.

Then we went to this spot called “The Center of the Universe.” If you stand in the right spot and talk, you can hear a wierd echo and distortion of your voice.

It didn’t work that well with eight of us standing near the spot and speaking at the same time, but eventually we got the idea.

Then the highlight of my day was driving across town to outer space in the future of the past … I mean visiting Oral Roberts University. That place is trippy. At the entrance is the largest bronze sculpture in the world.

The architecture is simply other worldly. It’s nuts. With lots of golden tinted windows.

But the trippiest part was when we were approaching the sunken gardens outside the prayer tower and at full blast we hear “YMCA” by the Village People playing on the PA System. God works in mysterious ways.

We went up in to the prayer tower (above) and looked around. It was cool. This was the best slogan:

Then we chilled out at a coffee house in the Cherry Street district, ate some pizza, and rested up for the show. This is a picture of Shelly, Mo, Kacey, and Me backstage in before the show.

The show went well. We had a good audience. Pgraph had a strong set, so the crowd was nice and warm when we got on stage to perform “Church Camp: The Musical!” A fitting show for the day we had. And there was a 15 foot pentagram painted on the stage, so that helped too.

After the show there was an event called “Old Crow” where members of the audience went up to the piano, took a shot of whiskey, and confessed something to the group they had never told anyone before (or at least anyone in the room). Afterwards we had a party at the theater and got to meet a lot of the cool improvisers in Tulsa.

The next morning, Sunday, we were up fairly early, got some breakfast, and headed out of town. And I should note that all the photos were taken on my new iphone, which was fun to travel with.

It was a fun trip. And hopefully we will see our friends from Tulsa sooner rather than later. Get it? Sooner! 😛

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  1. dj said:

    I lived in Tulsa many moons ago as a lad. Tulsa trivia: “Tulsa” spelled backwards is “a slut.”

  2. Sara said:

    Your trip looks fun! Any photos of the shows?

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