America’s Next Top Model Christmas Sing-a-long

I had a ton of fun in Tom Booker’s America’s Next Top Model Christmas Sing-a-long. He put together a great cast with a campy script, a few rehearsals, and a bunch of stuff from the dollar store and it was Christmas magic. We even got picked as a Best Bet in the Statesman.

Here are some pics taken backstage right before the show.

Asaf as the Lonely Jew on Christmas. Notice his makeshift yarmulke

Andrew as the snotty British guy. Too bad his leather pants aren’t in the frame.

Ted as Rudolph and Donnie as the Abominable snowman. These guys are some quality people from Esther’s Follies.

Me and Kaci Beeler, two of the Top Models showing our interpretation of Eurotrash Santa.

Ann Wilson, the other Top Model. Check out the eyepatch.

In the show my character, Ladida, was abducted by the Abomindable Snowman. After I removed a thorn from his paw, we got to do a duet to “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

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