Opening Weekend Recap

Opening weekend was a resounding success. The shows were sold out online before the box office even opened. The shows were really strong and I think are only going to get stronger, once we get opening weekend jitters out of the way.

Here’s how delicious the show was:

On Sunday, I read this article by Manohla Dargis in the Nytimes Week in Review Section about the lack of women in film and I was surprised to read this:

“Last year, only one movie about a woman — “Twilight,” the vampire romance about a living teenager and her undead but supercute boyfriend — squeezed into the ranks of the Top 10 grossing titles, a chart dominated by superheroes and male cartoon characters. Another two female-centric stories climbed into the Top 20. That sounds shocking except that only three such stories made it to the Top 20 in each of the previous two years.’

It made me think about why these books and movies have hit me or women like me so hard. It’s like the Sex and the City Movie Phenomenon: when Hollywood finally caters to a female audience, we turn out in masses. It made me feel even better about supporting the Twilight Franchise with its sometimes un-feminist sentiments.

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