Improvised Musicals Rock Your Boys of Summer!

Girls Girls Girls
Improvised Musicals
Boys of Summer!

The Institution Theater
3708 Woodbury Drive

What happens when some of Austin’s most respected business owners and high-tech professionals loosen their frayed t-shirt collars and flex their keyboard-weary hands? They transform into the singing, dancing Boys of Summer!

One hot Boy of Summer will guest star with Girls Girls Girls Improvised Musicals for seven Saturday night shows from July 12 through August 23. See a new side of some of Austin’s most respected men as they flex their singing and acting muscles to create Broadway-style musical comedy on the spot from an audience suggestion.

Performing at The Institution Theater, a new boy will guest star alongside Girls Girls Girls as they perform their signature format – a musical comedy created in the moment from an audience suggestion, complete with story line, songs, and multiple characters.

August Show lineup: 

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The Institution Theater
3708 Woodbury Drive
Austin, TX 78704

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About Karina

Karina Dominguez is the registrar and assistant to the Dean of Merlin Works Institute of Improvisation. She graduated from the Merlin Works program in December 2011 with three performances of "The Amazing Improvised Race." She is a full-time actor with commercial credits such as Burger King, Ford, Totino's, H-E-B and various departments for the State of Texas. She was last seen in the opening episode of the second season of "American Crime", and as the welcome video ranger in the second season of HBO's "The Leftovers". She also performs on-stage in various Austin, TX plays including for Capital T Theatre, The Vortex, Vestige Group, Pollyanna Theater among others.

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