24 (minutes) at Austin Improv Co-op

This Friday Shannon and I had our third performance of “24 (minutes)” but our first performance as our two person troupe, GET UP. Overall it was a swell time. The house was a nice size and very warm. We were at the Austin Improv Co-op sandwiched between Wooden Nickel and Foolish Mortals, which is a pretty tasty sandwich if you ask me. The suggested location was the Guggenheim Museum and the suggested everyday problem was a paper cut. The story laid out well and we hit a lot of our goals. There was a ton of action and I discovered some bruises on my body today that I know I got sometime during the show, but I’m not sure exactly when. Perhaps when I was hanging off the roof of the Guggenheim or when I was crawling through the air ducts or when I was airlifted by a helicopter. . . who knows.

One of the best parts of the night was when we got our door split–$27. Not a lot, but with a two person show, you don’t have to split it too many ways. We both went out and drank that money at 1920’s Club and even had a little left over at the end of the night. Part of my hopes for the show is it is so portable and manageable and an easy split that it could end up being a profitable venture. Plus, all the improvisers in the audience said their favorite part of the show was seeing us playing multiple characters in the same scene.

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