Dallas Comedy Festival Wrap Up

Well, I’m back from the Dallas Comedy Festival and I’m glad I went. I have a lot to say, so I’m going to try to organize it in to pluses, minuses, and observations.

-The Girls. We had a great time bonding, learning, performing, and partying. I definitely think we can handle going on the road again. Nice balance of autonomy and togetherness.

-The Reckoning. An amazing troupe from Improv Olympic

-Jet Eveleth. She is a member of the Reckoning, teaches at IO and Second City, and taught an amazing movement workshop that culminated in a mind blowing group dance number.

-Charna Halpern. Everyone warned me how sucky this workshop was going to be and I actually enjoyed it. I got some good teacher phrasing out of it, which is valuable to me. Especially about listening to the offer between the lines, not necessarily the literal offer.

-The Hot Boys of Hotlanta. I got to connect with some improvisers from my home town who were really cool. Matthew and JStar of The Basement Theatre and Joel, the amazing musical improviser from Dad’s Garage

-Improvisers from Austin who I somehow only hang out with in Dallas.

Punch Drunk Comedy They did an awesome sketch comedy show, which is incredibly hard to pull off. Some excellent sketches included the Moral Sunshine Gang and The Extremely Personal Pan Pizza. Both of which would not be as funny if I tried to describe them for you here.

Okay I ran out of steam so the minuses and observations will have to come later.

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