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The info about the Vegas gig is trickling in and I’m starting to get nervous. First of all, here’s a look at the room we are performing in.

And here’s a description:

Hilton Ballroom and Pavillion When combined, the Hilton Ballroom and Hilton Pavilion form a pillar-free room approximately the size of two football fields where a banquet of 10,000 can be seated comfortably. High ceilings – up to 23 feet high in the Hilton Pavilion – provide ideal staging opportunities. Both facilities can be divided into smaller rooms of varying sizes.

Plus, Andy finally got the schedule for the performances:

on the mainstage (first thing of the whole damn convention)
for the gold weekend patrons
200-550 people
40 minutes

also on the mainstage
for everyone at the convention
2400-3000 (I asked if he really thought this many people would show up and he said yes.)
50 minutes

Yipes. That’s a lot of Trekkies.

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  1. Sara said:

    Come on, what could be more entertaining than yalls show? Standing in line for 2 hours to get a cranky sub-celeb to sign a bubble-packed action figure?? (Well, maybe.)

    BUT – you’re celebrating the same thing the con-goer is celebrating — a love of Star Trek. OF COURSE they’re going to want to see BOTH of your shows and OF COURSE they are going to love yoose guys!

    [I’d be surprised if you didn’t get a few possesed fans trying to get on stage with you.]

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