Out of Bounds Wrap Up

I had a blast and a half at Out of Bounds Improv Festival and Minature Golf Tournament.

Extra props go out to Shannon McCormick and Mike D’Alonzo, the festival producers and Monique Daviau and Bob Apthorpe. They put on a great show.

The highlights for me were:

The French Club Drop Outs: Particularly Brandon Enriquez’s (right) 80 year old man with a speech impediment who was dead set on killing a sentient being

The Get Up Show: My high school student battling a cannibal cafeteria manager in the school gymnasium by throwing basketballs at him, lasooing him with a jump rope, ripping off his arm and feeding it to him.

The Plurals: A video of a commercial parody of “Cobbler Dogs,” the hot dog with fruit topping and a lovely jingle, “Smoke while you eat!”

The Edmond Bulldogs TV Pilot: A true gem directed by Rene Pinell. You’ll just have to wait and see it on tv.

Keilly and Roeters: A monologue from a woman who had to wait until her older developmentally disabled sister died before she could start dating.

Girls Girls Girls: Me (playing the planet Mars) singing a two duets with Kimberly (playing Saturn). #1 “It’s such a lonely planet, and that’s not how I planned it”
#2 “I wanna big bang with you”

The Knuckleball Now: Craig and Mikey having a great time together. Craig and his amazing spacework–the birthday hat, the water cooler, the letter from the constable with one “Eye Sore” circled.

The Well Hung Jury Reunion: The scene with the trick or treaters at the door and Jeremy and Jeff are so preoccupied with the trick or treaters being robbers that they don’t notice the theifs sneaking in the back window and taking all their stuff, including Jeremy.

The Hosts: Some great hosting by Brenner, Robert Faires, and a special guest appearance by Rat Girl (right) and Jobber Rat Girl (left), my favorite performance artist. What a treat.

The Closing Party: Kitty Kitty Bang Bang in top form. And some improvisers with some great moves on the dance floor.

It was a great time. I met a lot of wonderful people and saw some excellent shows.

Plus the audience turnout was tremendous. Both the GGG show and the Jury show sold out completely. There’s a lot of momentum going in to next year to make it an even more stellar event.

Here’s the Girls taking their bow

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