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In an earlier post I mentioned improvising for Green Screen and Motion Capture for Sara Farr’s animation project. Well, some of the photos and animation is starting to come together.

For the motion capture we had to wear these special suits that are kind of like wet suits with velcro patches all over them that you can stick these white balls to. There are cameras all over the room that record the motion of the white balls in space. We were performing in this rectangle marked off with masking tape in this big office space. You can see in the pictures the white balls are very reflective of the flash.

Here’s me

Here’s my improv partner Shannon

In the green screen room we did a Small Voice scene where I was a woman at the beach who encounters a talking clam. The clam tries to convince my character to get in the water and throughout the scene it’s revealed that I am in fact a mermaid and the clam has been sent by Triton to bring me back. Here’s and initial sketch of our characters.

I love how hot my character is in the animation world.

I’ll keep you updated as I get more info about the improvisation/animation project. There’s already some on television in Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show The website even has some video samples, if you want to check it out.

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