Austin Improv Prom 2006

Last night was Improv Prom, hosted by the magnificent and raucous Coldtowne Heroes. Everyone had an awesome time and I took lots of photos to prove it.

First, I got all dolled up. Yes, that is my own tiara.

Jon and I went to the prom and saw many of our “Improv High” friends. Like Chris.

Here is Jon posing with Mike. It was a special night because it was Mikey’s last hoohaa in Austin before moving to LA. I played with Mike, Joplin, Shannon, and Craig in Mike’s last show in Austin on Friday and we had a blast-ola. Having 8 or so years experience playing with someone can really make a difference.

There were many fine couples there, like Kareem and Tami

There were lots of authority figures there, trying to keep us down. Our Chaparones, Mr. Kellog

Ms. Elderly (writing up Dave, the captain of the football team. He doesn’t seem to mind.)

And principal Simone, dour as ever.

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  1. Louis said:

    Looks like great fun! Way more fun than a real prom. Very cool…

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