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I was in Madison, Wisconsin this past weekend for my fiancee’s sister’s wedding. We had a wonderful time.

I led some improv games at the reception, and it went over very well. (I think the open bar helped). I led:

Word at at Time Expert
Gibberish Interview
Speak in One Voice
Slide Show

Then on Sunday, I had a lot of fun doing some short form with a local troupe, Spin Cycle, directed by my improv friend Jodi Cohen. We had a full house at the Harmony bar and lots of laughs. It’s always an unkown going in to perform with a new troupe and they were very good hosts. It was fun to do a 2 hour show with one troupe, unlike the new Austin 20-40 minute sets these days. Hopefully I’ll get to play with them again in the future.

Then strangely enough, at the airport in Madison, we ran in to one of Jon’s old firend from college who was in town with his improv troupe from Los Angeles, Ultimate Improv.

Improv is everywhere.

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  1. Sara said:

    “Improv is everywhere” — I love this quote!

  2. Sara said:

    “Improv is everywhere” — I love this quote. It makes me happy. Wish there was improv in “The Woodlands, TX”. Hm.

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