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I’ve been following a lot of the Twilight Saga. I’m just about to finish the fourth book in the series. I’ve watched the movie and some of the DVD extras. I’ve also been spending a lot of time online looking at official and unofficial Twilight stuff: interviews and leaks, comicon stuff, parodies, and the gossip sites following the actors who are starring in the movies.

It’s been a fun experience to read the books while knowing who plays the leads. It’s like the movie is acted out in my head even more vividly than usual. As always, the books and movie in my head outperform the Hollywood movie.

In anticipation of making some of our own marketing materials and parodies, I’ve been watching some online. I’ve been surprised how many parodies are just low budget remakes without much changed. And how many have all girls casting. And some make the series seem so stupid. I want to hit that nice line of paying homage to the stories and being able to poke fun at the same time.

Right now some of my favorite parodies are:

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