First Rehearsal

Good first rehearsal yesterday. Mainly icebreakers, movement, and contact work, to get everyone comfy.

I’ve been pondering whether to have some fun audience participation pre-show activities. Like in the program, I thought I’d have a Cosmo-style love quiz: Is Really Into Me or Is He A Vampire. At rehearsal, we were talking about low budget ideas for the set and someone brought up the idea of having apples around, since they are the symbol of the first book. We talked about having a kick the apple into your hand contest like this famous scene:

I also just found out that a friend has a life size Edward Cullen cut out. This could come in very handy….. We could let audience members pose with it for photos, or maybe something else.

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  1. Sarah said:

    I love that! What about a Twilight Fanatic's Quiz inside the program?

  2. Brandon Paul Salinas said:

    I will start practicing for this event tonight!

  3. Merlin-Works said:

    Great idea! I was actually thinking that we could raffle/reward an audience member with a copy of one of the awesome Twilight CD's that you made. Maybe the top scorer on the quiz wins?!

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