The Final Push

We are 10 days out and things are really taking shape. Rehearsal on Sunday was stellar. At this point I’m so happy with the performances, I’m just worrying about messing things up. And this quality without the energy of an audience… And it’s so nice to have the luxury of some polishing rehearsals before opening night, to really shine it up. We are working on acting, edits, suspense, and romance. And they are doing so well, I’m hoping to hop in as a player on a few run throughs.

And its a good thing the cast is in such great shape because now I’ve got to focus on so many other production elements: sets, lights, sound, costume, marketing, video, programs, audience experience. I really want the show to be a fun audience experience from the moment they walk in the door.

I’m excited about the new set design inspired by the Twilight book covers, with the help of Cindie, who designs window displays at Anthropologie, my favorite store. I did some pre-shopping last night at Garden Ridge and think we can pull off something really sweet under budget.

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