Comedy Works

A Private or a Public Comedy Performance

Four of our professional funny makers will put on a unique show, making up the characters, scenes and songs on the spot, with the help of audience suggestions and our professional musicians.  We present an improv comedy show in the style of the TV show, “Whose Line Is It Anyways?” The audience gives suggestions for comedic scenes made up on the spot. Popular games include alphabet, gibberish expert, and Shakespearean scene. The show can also includes a live musician that accompanies the performers as they make up songs on the spot. We even bring up an audience member or two as a guest star for a scene. With our professional facilitators and entertainers, we make you look good and the guests feel good.

  • Full of laughs
  • Customized to your audience’s interests and needs
  • Comedy that is always clean and professional
  • Interactive demonstrations to get the audience involved
  • A bonding experience in this memorable, one-of-a-kind event

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About Aden

Aden Kirschner is an improv teacher, facilitator and the Corporate Training and Events Coordinator for Merlin Works. As a fixture in the Austin improv community, Aden is frequently sought out to play in shows with multiple theater companies in town; including world famous vaudeville revue: Esther's Follies where, as a cast member, she spent the majority of 2011 wearing huge wigs, singing big songs and getting massive laughs. She can currently be seen performing at Austin’s premier venue the ZACH theatre, with Merlin Works faculty troupe, the Known Wizards; or with B. Iden Payne Award winners, Girls Girls Girls Improvised Musical Comedy. Labeled as “The funniest person in Austin,” by improv giant, Tom Booker, Aden joined the Merlin Works faculty in 2009 where as a teacher, Aden seeks to create a fun, safe environment where people can explore and grow new practical skills to help them on stage, in business and in their private life.
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