Team Works

Improvisers perform quickly and confidently as a team, with incomplete information, insufficient resources, constant change, high stakes, and a fun, fast-paced environment.

Couldn’t you use some of that in your organization?

Team Building Program for Businesses and Organizations

This program brings teams together to operate with more unity and productivity. The exercises in this workshop focus on communication, creativity, taking care of our partners, and accepting/building on others’ suggestions. People are on their feet most of the time, playing, having fun, and learning what it means to be part of a team.

Team Works is perfect for new teams, project groups, meetings, or corporate retreats.

  • Bring your team together to form a cohesive unit.
  • Help individuals see themselves as part of a group.
  • Carry fun into a stressful work environment.
  • Improve communication & group creativity.
  • Solve problems and overcome obstacles together.

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About Aden

Aden Kirschner is an improv teacher, facilitator and the Corporate Training and Events Coordinator for Merlin Works. As a fixture in the Austin improv community, Aden is frequently sought out to play in shows with multiple theater companies in town; including world famous vaudeville revue: Esther's Follies where, as a cast member, she spent the majority of 2011 wearing huge wigs, singing big songs and getting massive laughs. She can currently be seen performing at Austin’s premier venue the ZACH theatre, with Merlin Works faculty troupe, the Known Wizards; or with B. Iden Payne Award winners, Girls Girls Girls Improvised Musical Comedy. Labeled as “The funniest person in Austin,” by improv giant, Tom Booker, Aden joined the Merlin Works faculty in 2009 where as a teacher, Aden seeks to create a fun, safe environment where people can explore and grow new practical skills to help them on stage, in business and in their private life.
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  1. piper browne said:

    hi! i took the dell improv class with shaina & aden last week and it was rad. in fact, i talked it up so much, my team is interested in potentially doing a little team-building workshop. we are a small team (8 people total) and we don’t have tons of time or budget, but is that something you guys can/would do? thanks in advance!

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