Reconnecting with Me(rlin Works)

After a little over a 2-year hiatus from the improviser life, I made my return to Merlin Works for round 3 of 601 classes! Guys, I have a serious addiction to Merlin Works. I felt a warm welcome home as I walked into classes last week and saw all my previous instructors, embracing me with their contagious smiles and tight hugs. It was kind of like that feeling of going home from your first year of college and your mom makes your all of your favorite meals, except that Ted and Joplin served me a nice warm dish of some of my favorite improv games and made me feel as though I never left.

Here’s some Merlin Works Alum wisdom: Take notes. After countless hours in these classes, I never caught on to the whole note-taking thing and here I am now, struggling to remember what EPIC means. What’s EPIC you say? Phew, glad I’m not the only one. Energy!!! P a c i n g. In. The. Moment. And COMMITMENT. Every second of these classes is a moment to learn something new, not only about improv but about yourself! So, I’m not going to spend the whole class taking notes, (duh, ya gotta stand up and have fun some of the time, don’t ya!?) but I’m confident that it’s a good way to go about learning this time around.
I can’t contain my excitement over getting back into Improv, so much that I immediately took advantage of my free admission to improv shows and saw 3 performances back to back at Second Sunday at Zach Theater. One of those was the troupe, Bad Boys. Talk about EPIC, those guys seem like they’ve known each other their whole life with how cohesive, precise and witty they were. Their opening was unlike one I’ve seen before. Each bad boy was super intriguing as they eased the audience into a highly entertaining show! Do yourself a favor and check them out ASAP! (You’re welcome for the write up, boys.)

I’m definitely reconnecting with my creativity, folks. Here comes the fun!

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Ashlee is a graduate of Merlin Works, a Teaching Assistant and sometimes blogging intern.

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