The First Time

The Merlin Works graduation show is this weekend and it’s going to be killer. After 8 meetings these crazy funny kids are ready to take their talent to the stage and it’s not to be missed. I should know, I’m one of the crazy funny kids.

For some of my classmates, this will be their very first (longform) show. We’re letting go of Michael and Ted’s hand and taking what we’ve learned to the stage! Having met a whole new group of friends this go around and finding out that most of them have never performed in front of an audience, I recall my very first improv show. “Bad Company: An Improvised Mockumentary”. It’s one of the most nerve-wracking and exciting experiences! I remember I was just worried about actually being funny and when I felt like I should jump in a scene, to stop hesitating and actually do it! I quickly found out that if I worried about being funny, I wouldn’t be, and immediately relaxed and just had fun. (Possible tips for my classmates!) The show was everything we did in class, just with an audience. Do you know how many times my classmates have made me tear up because I was laughing so hard and I wished there were other people there to witness that? That’s what the first performance is all about! Showing off our mad skillz!

Tatiana Panovich, a fellow 601-er, took something awesome from class that will definitely contribute to our show and that is that, “No scene is unimportant. Commit to everything”. If we have the power to make every scene important, then our audience will think that as well and therefore fall in love with our performance! Not to mention that whatever we do, don’t forget our classmates are there to support you! (Right, guys?!) There’s no dumb approach or wrong move in improv when you have solid support, and we’re going to prove that to you!

So, what’s this show all about? Seinfield, Cheers, Golden Girls, Friends are all classic examples of sitcoms that most everyone loved! The quick witty humor, audience cued laughter, the wacky characters are all aspects of a sitcom that we’ll be bringing to the stage. In just 25 minutes, we’ll make you leave wanting more just like you totally couldn’t wait to see next weeks episode of Grey’s Anatomy (don’t even deny it). This is Might See TV, people. You’ve got to check this out.

This is a great opportunity to see what your friends have been up to all this time. You get to the see and laugh at the outcome of 6 rounds of classes… you get to see Austin’s freshest, funniest Improvisers. WARNING: You more than likely will want to sign up for classes, prepare yourselves (or don’t! It’s improv after all!).

See you all this Sunday, March 9th at 8pm! Get your tickets now!

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Ashlee is a graduate of Merlin Works, a Teaching Assistant and sometimes blogging intern.
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  1. Yess said:

    Congrats, Ashlee and the rest of the 601-ers! Sounds like a great show, have fun!!

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