Yes, you CAN sing!

Can you open your mouth and have sound come out? Then you can sing! Improv Singing 101 and 201 have begun for the spring round at Merlin Works and students are well on their way to becoming improv rock stars. It may be one of the most nerve wrecking experiences walking into Improv Singing 101 knowing that you are going to have to expose your “voice” to a room of strangers, but once you get over the initial nerves and realize that everyone in this room has signed up for the same thing and is just as scared and you are, then the fear starts to slip away and your “voice” becomes a VOICE.

In Singing 101’s first class, they worked on weaving your basic improv rules into singing rules and there really are just a few differences! One of those key improv rules you may recall is “Don’t fear to fail” and if you do, you take your glorious fail bow and move on. The difference in singing? The jazz hands. Oh yeah… warm up those fingers and shake those hands because it’s going to be all about those jazz hands at the beginning and it’s going to be awesome. In just the first class we have already seen that failure has led to comedy gold! Confidence is boosting already!

Speaking of moving along, everyone has already improvised their first song! Ammon brought that blues, foot tappin catchy sound on the keyboard while all the students learned their first piece of the structure of a song. It’s so exciting to not only learn more about improv, but to learn about music! And the two together? This is fun stuff, y’all!

For those that have taken classes before and don’t know what to do next, this is another great challenge and another way to make you a well rounded improviser! Everyone has to try this class!

About Ashlee Medlin

Ashlee is a graduate of Merlin Works, a Teaching Assistant and sometimes blogging intern.

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