Chantal Aguirre: Merlin Works diversity scholarship recipient Spring 2019

Chantal Aguirre is the most recent Merlin Works student to be awarded the Diversity Scholarship. The Merlin Works Diversity Scholarship was created to foster diversity both onstage and off. It primarily aims to further open the world of Austin Improv to people of color, though individuals who identify with any minority background, culture, or community are welcome to apply.

Chantal is a complete newbie to improv. As an aspiring, professional, contemporary circus performer who practices ground acrobatics, gymnastics, and aerial silks, she believes, “Improv will help me find my voice and make my performance quality improve. I have struggled with putting myself out there in uncomfortable situations and am really trying to work on that!”

Chantal moved to the United States from Mexico when she was 8 years old. She didn’t speak English and didn’t understand the culture.

“Now that I am older (21), I notice and make connections differently. I have a high degree of cultural awareness, pick up on cues, and am adaptable.”

Her dual-cultural experience has led her to be fascinated with people and culture.

“It’s from new, but at times, uncomfortable situations that we learn and grow.” 

About Karina

Karina Dominguez is the registrar and assistant to the Dean of Merlin Works Institute of Improvisation. She graduated from the Merlin Works program in December 2011 with three performances of "The Amazing Improvised Race." She is a full-time actor with commercial credits such as Burger King, Ford, Totino's, H-E-B and various departments for the State of Texas. She was last seen in the opening episode of the second season of "American Crime", and as the welcome video ranger in the second season of HBO's "The Leftovers". She also performs on-stage in various Austin, TX plays including for Capital T Theatre, The Vortex, Vestige Group, Pollyanna Theater among others.

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