Join us for our November Showcase!

We’ve got a Free Improv Jam, The Cauldron and Improv For You Too on November 4th!

When: 6pm Saturday, November 4th

Where: Creative Action 1023 Springdale Rd Bldg 3

Who: You–And anyone else who signs up!

What:  Come meet, mingle and play some improv games led by a Merlin Works instructor. You might even get up on stage and perform for the group!

Warning: Wear clothes that are comfortable to move around in, bring a water bottle, and let the instructor know if you need any accommodations when you arrive. 

When: 8pm – 9:30pm Saturday, November 4th

Where: Creative Action, 1023 Springdale Rd., Bldg. 3

Who: Students and Faculty from every discipline of our school!

What: A magical mix of storytelling, standup, improv and musical comedy from The Known Wizards, Merlin Works Faculty Troupe,  and a few special guest students. 

Warning: If you are a Merlin Works student registered in the Fall session, you get in for free with student code!

When: 10pm – 11:30pm Saturday, November 4th

Where: Creative Action, 1023 Springdale Road, Bldg. 3

Who: Grown-Ups who are game to participate in Improv Games & Scenes.

What:  Students, Faculty, and Guests will jump in and say, “Yes, We Can Do That!” Anyone can jump in and play any of the Improv Games offered by our host, faculty, students or folks from the Audience. Jump in or just watch the fun. Class Challenges are Highly encouraged! Plan on telling us your favorite Improv games and come join the fun! 

Warning: Recommended for 18 years or older. Students currently registered for the Fall session get in free with code!

About Karina

Karina Dominguez is the registrar and assistant to the Dean of Merlin Works Institute of Improvisation. She graduated from the Merlin Works program in December 2011 with three performances of "The Amazing Improvised Race." She is a full-time actor with commercial credits such as Burger King, Ford, Totino's, H-E-B and various departments for the State of Texas. She was last seen in the opening episode of the second season of "American Crime", and as the welcome video ranger in the second season of HBO's "The Leftovers", and as Helah in the first season of "The Chosen". She also performs on-stage in various Austin, TX plays including for Capital T Theatre, The Vortex, Vestige Group, Pollyanna Theater among others.

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