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This is hard. This wave of the Delta Variant pulled the rug out from under our well planned life. All of us. So we are going to postpone the start of classes until October in hopes that the current wave will have slipped back to Stage 3 or or better, 2. 

So let’s start again. 

This October, Merlin Works Institute for Improvisation will have a range of In-Person classes for you to attend. We’ll have Improv, Musical Improv, Stand Up , Storytelling, and some Master Classes with our good friend, Asaf Ronen. Plus we have a venue for shows! Stuff is happening In-Person in October at Merlin-Works. 

Please stay safe. Get vaccinated if you can. Wear a mask to stop the spread and then come join us in October. 

Also, we would like all our friends to please place their tongues between their lips and gently blow. Because that best expresses how we at Merlin Works feel today. (See Shana’s Instagram Post for more on this.)


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