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Stretch yourself further in these unique classes that are meant to take your improv to the next level.

For our specialty classes, the teachers create their own curriculum based on their passion and experience.

Other Details

  • Each class meets for one or more sessions via Zoom
  • Classes have unlimited students, unless noted otherwise
  • Completion of Improv 101 or equivalent is recommended but not required
  • Each class is taught by a veteran improvisor/instructor
  • Instructors have created the class titles, descriptions and curriculums based on their own expertise and interests.

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Improv for Everyone


Online Improv for Couples

The couple that plays together, stays together. Being able to laugh, play, diffuse tension and enjoy your partner is one of the keys to successful relationships. Join nationally-known couples therapist John Howard, LMFT and Merlin Works Founder Shana Merlin to explore what improv skills couples can use in their everyday lives. We will all get hands-on practice with improv activities and follow that with a robust discussion of how we can apply those concepts and tools to increase our connection, be a good partner, and grow together.

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Online Improv for Better Conversations

What if you could have better conversations? What if instead of feeling awkward and self-conscious, you had concrete tools to make your conversations flow easily? Every conversation is improvised. And the tools of improv can help you unlock better conversations with family, friends, dates, customers, co-workers, networking prospects, and even small-talk with strangers. If you’d like to have more satisfying conversations or just want to brush up on your chatting skills as we re-enter life in person, take this hands-on interactive workshop to get tools and practice you can use in any conversation.

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Online Improv for Job Hunting

Career paths are improvised. There is risk-taking, rejection, twist, turns, relationship building, thinking on your feet and the need for confidence that seemingly comes from nowhere. If you’re feeling stuck or disheartened in your job search, this improv class will give you skills for developing resilience, telling your story, and acing that job interview. Join master improviser Shana Merlin with a Career Advice Expert for a hands-on, fun, interactive session that will boost your job hunt.

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Online Improv for Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate is about building strong connections, having fantastic listening skills, being a tough negotiator, and being able to problem solve on the fly. These are all improv skills! Join Shana Merlin, master improviser, and
Hannah Williams, Keller Williams Realtor as they co-teach this fun, experiential class.

Online Improv for Real Estate Professionals
Wednesday, May 19th | 1-2:30 pm CDT
with Shana Merlin, Master Improviser and
Hannah Williams, Real Estate Agent and Realtor with Keller Williams
Price: Pay What You Can $5-$25
Pay What You Can Improv for Realtors

Online Improv for Financial Professionals

Like improvisers, Financial Professionals must deal with uncertainty, listen deeply to their clients’ needs and motivations, and sell with confidence. In this workshop, we’ll get hands-on practice in the skills of improv that can be used not just on stage but in the office, on Zoom, and in the field.

Online Improv for Financial
Wednesday, May 26th | 1-2:30 pm CDT
with Shana Merlin, Master Improviser and Betsy Smith, Investment Analytics and Data Manager at Dimensional Fund Advisors
Price: Pay What You Can $5-$25
Pay What You Can Improv for Financial Professionals

Online Improv For Therapists

Join improviser and practicing therapist Lacy Alana, LCSW/RSW with Merlin Works Founder Shana Merlin in this engaging and practical session. Improv offers both concrete tools and activities for sessions AND unique frameworks for understanding co-regulation, presence, flexibility, and attachment and meeting your clients where they are. Whether you’re looking for new activities for your sessions, or looking to level up your therapist game – this workshop is for you! This is great for therapists (and related professionals) who work with kids, families, couples, individuals, and groups.

Online Improv For Therapists: Thursday, May 27th | 6p-7:30 pm CDT | with Shana Merlin and Lacy Alana, LCSW/RSW
Price: Pay What You Can $5-25
Pay What You Can Improv for Therapists

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