Yearly Archives: 2005


Las Vegas Wrap Up

Its over. I played Vegas. Lets start at the beginning. There was a total of 9 improvisers, 8 bags of props, 4 different flights, 2 shows and one town—Las Vegas. I started to worry at…


More info on Vegas

The info about the Vegas gig is trickling in and I’m starting to get nervous. First of all, here’s a look at the room we are performing in. And here’s a description: Hilton Ballroom and…

AusChron Twofer Writeup

The Chronicle featured a nice little blurb about the Friday Night Twofer sponsered by the Austin Improv Co-op. Check it out. FridayNightTwofer.pdf


Dallas Comedy Festival Wrap Up

Well, I’m back from the Dallas Comedy Festival and I’m glad I went. I have a lot to say, so I’m going to try to organize it in to pluses, minuses, and observations. PLUSSES-The Girls.…

Vegas, Baby!

The news just came in today! We’re going to Vegas. And we are going to Vegas in the best possible way. We got a free flight and 2 free nights at the Las Vegas Hilton…