Merlin Works’ Out of Bounds Comedy Festival Recommendations

These are the shows I recommend. There are tons of awesome shows coming to town, too many to list here. The entire show schedule is at

Opening Night Party at Momo’s on West 6th Street — 8pm (I’m going to try to bring my Improv 101 class at the State Theater over to the party after class)

8pm SVT Apples Stage: Twinprov (OKC) (never seen twin brothers improvise. might be super sweet)
8pm SVT Oranges Stage: Snackers (ATX) (If you missed the John Hughes Tribute, The Snacker’s Club, you are in for a treat)

8pm Hideout Upstairs: Splendid Things (MIN) I love all the Minneapolis groups and highly recommend their emotional, fast paced play.

9:30pm The Hideout Upstairs: Omega 2 (CHI) (Bill Arnett is awesome)
9:30pm Confidence Men (ATX) (I’ve heard nothing but raves about this improvised Mamet show)
11pm: FUCT (NYC) (compelling shock comedy that will surely be talked about all week)

Things start to get crazy on Friday, because there are five shows running simultaneously.

Hideout Upstairs Sketch: DDAM C! (LA) (Sketch comedy from the guys from One Hit Wonder and BackPack Picnic)
8pm Hideout Downstairs: On the Spot (HI) (First of all, they came all the way from Hawaii. Second of all they are improvising a silent movie)

You basically can’t go wrong with any shows at this time. Just see something
SVT Apples Stage: The Frank Mills and Splendid Things
Hideout Downstairs Stage: Available Cupholders (ATX, CHI, NYC) and Cook County Social Club (CHI)
Hideout Upstairs Stage: Lounge-asaurus Rex (MIN)

SVT Apples Stage: A Very Special Stool Pigeon feat. Tim League (VAR)

Again, madness.

8 pm SVT Apples Stage: Girls Girls Girls (ATX) (My Show!) and Nerdvana (LA) (These guys were great last year!)

Again, huge Tie. Just see something Saturday at 9:30:
9:30 pm SVT Apples Stage: Parallelogramophonograph (ATX) and SCRAM (CHI+MIN)
9:30 pm SVT Oranges Stage: The New Mees (LA, ATX) and Slow Children Crossing (LA)
9:30 pm Hideout Downstairs: ColdTowne (ATX) and Omega 2 (CHI)
9:30 pm Hideout Upstairs:Guest By Courtesy (ATX) and Chasing Dumb, The Annoyance (CHI)

11 pm Hideout Downstairs: Rampleseed (MIN) The Knuckleball Now (LA, ATX)

At The Independent at 501 Studios
7:30 pm Get Up (ATX) (me!) and Impro Melbourne (MEL) (They are coming all the way from Australia!)

9:00pm SCRAM [Joe Bill and Jill Bernard] (CHI+MIN) and Cackowski and Talarico (LA) (all rocking veteran imps)

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Merlin Works is the brainchild of Shana Merlin: improviser, teacher, and performer. Since 1996, she’s been leading classes that stretch people’s imaginations, push them out of their comfort zones, and make them laugh out loud for hours at a time.
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  1. Sara Farr said:

    Thanks for this post. I was feeling a bit lost. But then I found out I was teching on Friday night. Not sure where, tho. Hm.


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