Out of Bounds Comedy Festival: A Week Long Party

Out of Bounds Comedy festival starts today.  If you’re going you’re in for a treat.  If you’re not… I’m sorry but you should come. This is the week that we Austin improvisers wait for every year.  It’s a week of great comedy, great friends, and great workshops. It is not to be missed. Scott Hearne is doing something really cool this year with his podcast the Theft Forum. He will be broadcasting from the Hideout Theatre through out the entire festival.  So check that out if you can. As for Merlin Works shows, your faculty members are heating up the festival. I’ll post a schedule of who, what and where later in this blog.

Other than a great time it’s also a great way to meet other improvisers and comedians.  Performers come from all over the united states and sometimes Canada and other countries.  The out of towners are always so gracious and surprised at how supportive our little community is.  I’ve met many a new friend at this festival.

Shows your Merlin Works faculty are performing in:
Known Wizards – Friday 9:30pm New Movement

Aden Kirschner:
Girls Girls Girls – Thursday 8:30pm Hideout Downstairs
Fakespeare – Saturday 7:00pm the Long Center
All-star Maestro – Saturday 11:00pm Hideout Downstairs

Shana Merlin:
Girls Girls Girls  – Thursday 8:30pm Hideout Downstairs
Get Up – Saturday 9:15pm Hideout Downstairs
Stool Pigeon feat. Richard Garriott Saturday 11pm Stateside

Quinn Buckner:
The Professor – Wednesday 8pm Hideout Downstairs
Ghetto Sketch Warlock – Thursay 8pm Hideout Updstairs
Rhinodino – Thursday 10pm New Movement

Lauren Buck:
Twilight Zoned: Tues, 8pm, Hideout Upstairs

Kevin Miller:
False Matters, Thursday 8:30, New Movement
Your Dad’s Friends, Thursday 10:00, Hideout Upstairs
¡ZARZAMORA!, Friday 10:00, Institution

Michael Joplin:
Available Cupholders – Tuesday 8pm Hideout Downstairs
Brain Trust – Thursday 10pm Hideout Downstairs
Knuckleball Now –  Saturday 8pm Long Center

Michael Ferstenfeld:
The Professor – Wednesday 8pm Hideout Downstairs
Confidence Men – Saturday 10pm Long Center

Get tickets and more info at http://www.outofboundscomedy.com/

About Chelley Pyatt

Chelley has been doing improv since November of 2008. She has learned a lot and is planning to learn a lot more. Chelley is a current Merlin Works Improv Singing 301 student and blogger

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