Out of Bounds is Over! What Did You Learn/See? Part 2

Still reeling from Out of Bounds and trying to gather my thoughts together. For part two of this blog I’ll start with Shock T’s. They were this great musical comedy trio who sang delightfully funny, witty songs. My favorite of which was “Younger More Successful People.” It’s a song that brings us older people’s jealousy to light when a younger, as the song says, more successful person lands on a higher rung on the ladder of life.  As many of you probably do as well, I hate them. Okay, I don’t hate them but I do feel stacks and stacks of jealousy. Especially when they succeed in my chosen career. Given this, it’s no wonder I related to this song. Now one could say, jealousy could also be directed at Shock T’s but really I just loved them. They looked as if they were surprised by the audience enjoyment of their songs and they, themselves, were just as a delightful.

Waiting for Batman came next. These two gentlemen, Curtis Luciani and Eric Heiberg, are friends of mine and two people I greatly admire. I was especially happy to see them on the bill. Waiting for Batman, for those of you who don’t know, is comprised of Curtis playing Commissioner Gordon and Eric playing Chief O’Hara as they, you guessed it, wait for Batman. I saw them twice and I think the first time got a little off the rails when Curtis’ Commissioner Gordon insisted that Heiberg’s Chief O’Hara bow down to his throne made of the bones of fallen cops. It just resided a little too much on wacky, improv planet. That being said it was still enjoyable to watch. Which gives you an indication of what these two talented improvisers are capable of. The second time I saw them I loved it. My favorite moment was after Gordon had been placed in jail for swearing (the town bylaws required it) O’Hara swore and Curtis responded, “There’s only room for one.” Which, of course, immediately had him released. Here’s the thing. Seeing as Gotham is a horribly crime ridden city, one would assume that you could fit more then one criminal in jail at a time. No wonder Batman has so much crime battling on his hands.

And the headliners, Baby Wants Candy. Fantastic show. I was most interested in seeing them because I’m currently studying improvised singing and am in the process of starting my own musical improv troupe. And they didn’t disappoint. The musical that opened and closed on the same night was titled “Monsanto Versus Whole Foods.” All four had strong voices, great character work and memorable songs. My favorite of which was the “you eat and then poop it out” song. I love watching improviser who appear to be having a great time and that was certainly the case with them.  I saw them both nights and enjoyed both shows immensely. Amber Ruffin was most impressive playing a nerd one night and a scatting, hard to understand, Square dance caller the next. Fantastic voice, strong enjoyable characters, and it looked like she was having an amazing time.

Look for part 3 next week.

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Chelley has been doing improv since November of 2008. She has learned a lot and is planning to learn a lot more. Chelley is a current Merlin Works Improv Singing 301 student and blogger

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