Improv, I love you.

In honor of the Loving month of February, here is a poem about my love for Improv:

It all began with a shyness so new
You knew it was my first, so you warmed me up
A nervous lump in my throat, ready to spew
Soundball was the game, I yelled “beewooop”

I instantly felt like I could call you home
When you told me, just to have some fun
Scenes were made epic, I felt I was upon my throne
Time passed, love grew and there I found myself in 601

Being taught by the one and only, Wizards of Merlin
I was guided, instructed and even dared to fail!
Just like that, in Lederhosen and Dirndl we’re celebrating in Berlin
I discovered you can be anyone, anywhere in an improvised tail!

Above all else, with you I feel happy and free
I can let my mind run wild and escape real life
I’ve made a dream machine with “I am a tree”
and on a stage I’ve seen a man ask a woman to be his wife.

Improv, what I’m really trying to tell you is I love you
I promise to love you forever and that is my vow
Friends have been made, performances that aren’t the least bit true
Yes, and it’s with you I always want to play whoosh, bang, pow!

Improv, I love you.


About Ashlee Medlin

Ashlee is a graduate of Merlin Works, a Teaching Assistant and sometimes blogging intern.

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