If you share an experience and fail at it, is it actually failing?

I’d like to begin this blog post by congratulating myself, and of course everyone else in my class, on being awesome enough to create songs out of nowhere. I had convinced myself that writing and creating songs were things I could never do, so I gave up on that dream. But, I have probably created four or five songs, at least, since beginning Singing 101. That. Is. Nuts. In the best of ways. However, that ability did not just materialize of thin air. The song creation came with some great guidance and fabulous support from my classmates, teacher, and musical improvisor.

With any good song, you need a structure. For instance, a chorus followed by a verse and back to the chorus. That could be one simple, easy, quick song. Once you have a structure and you understand what each part does in the structure (i.e. the chorus is the main point/idea of the whole song and the verse is the parts of the story) then you can have complete creative reign and do what your heart desires!

This past week, we learned how to share songs. Personally, this has probably been my favorite lesson so far. Definitely, because I am such a generous person and love sharing the spotlight with people, AND DEFINITELY NOT because it makes me feel better knowing someone else is going down with me if the song tanks. However, I would never do that. It would be rude. But…it might be a little true.

Now that I think about it, I think it is okay to be comfortable failing with someone else. If it only takes one other person on stage with you to feel comfortable enough to do something crazy and spontaneous that you normally wouldn’t do by yourself and you just happen to fail, then you really didn’t fail at all. I am pretty proud of myself right now for having that thought.

But back to sharing songs. I love doing it. I love having the other energy on stage to give me something to feed off of. I love seeing how someone else’s brain takes a suggestion and comes up with something entirely their own. I just love it. And on that note (no pun intended) I have one last thing to say because what blog post wouldn’t be complete without a life lesson I learned? Sharing is caring.

About Faith Compton

I am a Junior at The University of Texas at Austin, majoring in radio, television and film. At UT, I am a member of the short-form improv troupe called Gigglepants. When I am not doing improv, I love creating short comedy sketches and just hanging out with my pals. I also love people, so let's be friends.

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