Ending something can always be bittersweet. I am happy that improv class is ending this week because I will have my Sunday afternoon nap time back, but I am also sad because, obviously, improv class is ending. When something ends in my life I always tend to go back, analyze, and regret things that I didn’t do (and things I did do, but shouldn’t have done).

But what good does that do anybody? I know everyone says that, but seriously there is NOTHING that looking back on improv class and being ashamed of something is going to help. So instead of looking back on the things that I fudged up and shouldn’t have done, I am going to reminisce right now on the accomplishments I achieved. That way anytime I start to think back on this experience as negative in any form or fashion, I can look back onto this blog post and remember the fun I had and kill the vampires in my head that sometimes tell me how ridiculous I am.

For starters, remember that one time I had the hit of the class? That was fun. Basically, I sang a song somewhere in the duration of improv class and everybody loved it so much that they decided to sing it again at the end of the class in what we like to call “Hit of the Day”. Yeah that’s right. I had a hit.

Secondly, remember when I got to take a class taught by a teacher who is so passionate and well-respected in the singing improv/normal improv community? Yeah that was pretty freaking awesome. (Shoutout, Shana)
P.S. – I kind of feel like I could be Shana’s little sister sometime. Like maybe that’s just because we have brown curly hair, are short, and like improv. But I like to tell myself that I am similar to Shana, so that I can tell myself that I will become as awesome as her in the future.

Thirdly, remember how great and supportive and hilarious my classmates were? No matter how bad a song was or how funny a song was, everybody cheered no matter what! If you have not had an experience in your life where 100 percent of the people in the room are on your side, I highly recommend getting involved in improv, you will almost instantly feel that.

And lastly, remember when I got to write blogs and express my emotions about this whole process? Yeah, that was pretty cool, too.

So, as you can see, Future Faith, Singing Improv 101 was quite a positive and freeing experience, and don’t you forget it.

About Faith Compton

I am a Junior at The University of Texas at Austin, majoring in radio, television and film. At UT, I am a member of the short-form improv troupe called Gigglepants. When I am not doing improv, I love creating short comedy sketches and just hanging out with my pals. I also love people, so let's be friends.

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