Spring into Improv!

It’s Spring! Flowers are blooming and so are you! If you haven’t taken improv classes before NOW is the time. Starting next week, a new round of improv classes are beginning and it’s your chance to really learn to have fun/while having fun/while being funny… basically anything to do with fun, is taught in this class! Prepare for taking risks in ways you haven’t before and prepare to meet the side of you you always knew was there!

Improv classes are not only a place to have fun but you will learn a set of skills that you can take into your everyday lives. From work to play with the family, your personality is certainly going to shine brighter than ever. Not only will you leave with these new skills, but you’ll leave with some of the coolest, new friends in town.

Too nervous to do it on your own? Bring a friend! What’s better than a set date once a week with a good friend where you’re guaranteed to have a great time? Nothing! Improv is your answer! Need a place to release energy? IMPROV! Want to forget about a rough day at work? IMPROV! Want to be inspired? IMPROV! Want to inspire others? IMPROV!

What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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Ashlee is a graduate of Merlin Works, a Teaching Assistant and sometimes blogging intern.

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